Why do you trust time tracking software that isn’t
made specifically for Agile teams like yours?

Or Find out how

You wouldn’t hire an eye doctor to fix your bad back. You are a digital agency and you work differently, so products that you use need to understand the way you move. Agile is your performance enhancing drug, but there can be side effects.

Overlooking the obvious

It was inevitable. Focusing on the important creative work that runs your agency means less time for the unsexy operational work. You fail to notice that your finances are behind the times so they freeze up, drip by drip. Then one day, maybe it was recently, you found yourself in total timesheet paralysis. Rather than powering your business, timesheets slow everything down. They aren’t complete. They aren’t accurate. They aren’t useful (at all). And worst of all, you probably have to chase your team around to get them to fill them out.

Rachel Jenkins

“Timesheets are tedious and outdated. Shouldn’t there be a more efficient way to track time in 2013?”

Rachel Jenkins

Dear American Creative

In hindsight the answer is more obvious. Agile needs to flow through all the pipes of your Agency, not stuck in your scrums and kanban boards. Agile development gives you collaboration and management systems to work faster and with greater accuracy. So too does Agile time tracking. The only goal of Agile time tracking is to help you produce results by automating the things that are tedious yet necessary; things you would rather not do. You should be creating, not working on timesheets.

Rachel Jenkins

Time tracking as easy as standup meetings

Timesheets don’t fit into your normal operations because they don’t work like you do. Your team already provides status updates during their standup meetings, so it’s time to use their behavior to help your project management. By designing your time tracking around a model they already know (and are probably addicted to) you can ensure time tracking will happen reliably. The fidelity of your data will be higher than ever before. With such an accurate and real-time snapshot of your agency you can easily see what you are doing right and where you need to improve. Don’t let inefficiencies kill your rates.

The road to Agile

Dashable is built for you to use every day. Time Tracking probably steals hours from your week and drains your team, but now you can send updates in less than 10 seconds. Your clients will be thrilled with the total transparency and your managers will be more effective with the extra insight. This gets you paid in minutes, not weeks.