Your agency has a lot of moving parts

Your agency has a lot of moving parts. You’re in charge of getting new work in the door, writing proposals, and making sure your client projects get done on time and within budget. Why are you spending so much time trying to get your team to submit timesheets? The billable hour is the lifeblood of your company. If time isn’t logged, you don’t get paid. And if you don’t get paid, you’re out of business.

What if you no longer had to:

  • Pester your team to log time?
  • Spend a ton of time converting what’s getting done into invoices?
  • Justify your invoices, and what went into them, to your clients?
  • Add another piece of software to your workflow?

Imagine how much better your business would be if you could focus on the business, and not spend all your time in the business?

What if you had a tool could help you and your team:

  • Convert the work you’re already doing in your project management apps into timesheets.
  • Focus on building awesome projects, without needing to worry about tracking time.
  • Start work each morning with a report in your inbox showing you exactly what got done yesterday.

We’re Koombea, and we used to have a problem

We’re Koombea, and we used to have a problem. Our management team used to struggle getting daily timesheets submitted from our 60+ developers and designers.

We wanted a tool that stayed out of our way, but made sure that all the work our team was doing ended up being invoiced. Experience taught us that people hate logging time, and often “Christmastree” their timesheets — which can lead to inaccurate timesheets and under-reported billing.

If you’ve nodding your head in agreement right now, you’re going to love how we’ve solved this problem. Meet Dashable, the tool that helps you focus on your business, and not in it.

Here's how Dashable helps get the job done

Icon Windown

1. We’ll track the work you’re already doing

As your team works in Trello, Basecamp, Github, and Pivotal Tracker, our software will stay in sync with what’s getting done.

Icon Email

2. We’ll ask your team to verify their work at the end of each day

Instead of chasing around your team to submit their timesheets, we’ll send an email each day asking your team to verify what they worked on and fill in any blanks. Because we’re on top of their activity, this usually takes a click or two at most.

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3. Each morning, you’ll get a curated report of how things are going.

When you get to work each morning, you’ll be greeted with a personalized report that shows exactly what got done yesterday, how much billable time was logged, and what this means for your agency.

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4. Convert what you’re working on to invoices in less than a minute

Give up on writing invoices by hand! We’ll turn your team’s worklog into a professionally designed and branded invoice and send it off to your client.

It’s like RescueTime… but for agencies.

Everything You Need To Get Paid

  • Automatic timesheet creation from the work you’re already doing.
  • Add arbitrary timesheets that don’t fit into your project management setup.
  • Each project can be assigned tasks and rates.
  • Collect payments with our Braintree and PayPal integrations.
  • Mark updates as billable or non-billable.
  • Price in your local currency.
  • Invite your entire company.

Everything You Need To Grow Your Business

  • Management can get a birds of view of everything that’s happening at your company.
  • View how your revenue, utilization, and more are trending.
  • Understand how much time is being spent on non-billable work.
  • Give more access and visibility to key personnel
  • Project-level permissions for each user
  • Find out how much money you’ve yet to invoice, and how much you’re waiting on.