Dashable Features

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What can Dashable do for your creative team?

Project time tracking for agencies

  • Dashable remembers all the activities in your project management tools and auto-completes them for easy time tracking and check-ins.
  • You and your team members will receive re-caps and reminders for a daily or weekly overview that is completely customizable.
A screenshot of Dashable's project time tracking

Manage your team and budget with time sheet approvals

  • Need to hold your team members accountable? See which team members have checked-in and who hasn't.
  • Approve and mark check-ins as billable or non-billable to invoice quickly later on.
A screenshot of Dashable's team management

App integrations for everything

What makes us different from traditional time-tracking and invoicing softwares? We pull activities from the below project management and payment tools and create projects from them- so your team can check-in and Dashable remembers what you're working on- without having to re-type each project.

Generate 5 minute invoices and payments

  • Convert your team's work from inside your project management tools into billable hours, and generate instant invoices for your clients.
  • Send detailed reports to your clients and provide full transparency on the work you and your team are doing.
  • Bill on a per project, rather than a per client basis.
  • Give your clients a full portal with complete invoices, billable hours, check-in reporting capabilities, and fast, online payments.
A screenshot of Dashable's invoice sample

Get super, detailed reports

  • Utilization report: Is your team available? Track your team's work load right in your dashboard.
  • Efficiency report: Scope billable vs non-billable hours per project and understand who your most profitable clients are and where you need to improve.
  • Sales report: Easily compare your sales on a month to month basis, or, against the same period last year.
  • Detailed project reports: Know exactly where your team spent their time and how effective they were during it.
  • Accounts payable: Track your outstanding invoices, payables, and payments received easily.
A screenshot of Dashable's detailed reports

Take us with you wherever you go, we have apps for that.

Give your client transparency when you are away from your desk. Have your team log hours and manage projects from anywhere with on-the-go reminders and instant check-ins.